Atlanta Architectural Photography – Camperdown Mixed Use in Greenville, SC

This past spring, I photographed the recently completed Camperdown mixed use complex in Greenville, SC for one of my architect clients. One of my favorite parts of being an Atlanta Architectural Photographer is that I get to travel to so many great places – like Greenville! Located right in downtown Greenville, Camperdown was a beautiful new, modern addition to all of the charm that exists in Greenville. The area consisted of multiple office space, condominiums, as well as lots of shops and restaurants surrounding a well thought-out open area in the middle.

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For this shoot, the focus was entirely on the exterior spaces. Of special importance was the staircase as it was designed to mimic the waterfalls that are in and around the Greenville area. As such, I made sure to spend extra time photographing the stairs both during the daytime as well as at twilight when the lights were made to look like water flowing down. The below image is my favorite shot of the staircase.

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The open plaza in the middle of the property had space for eating, drinking, and small performances. I knew that this part of the project needed to be photographed throughout the day to show the lively and vibrant atmosphere that existed within the design.

I knew I wanted to photograph the office spaces earlier in the morning, not only because the light was best for the needed perspectives, but also to capture the morning rush-hour feel of a busy office space.

A request from the architect was that I capture aerial imagery of the project site to better highlight how all of the pieces of the project fit together. As a FAA licensed drone pilot, I took a number of drone photos that show the entire property from different perspectives.

One challenge from this shoot were all of the wires holding up the sails. While a great design element, when looking at the photos, there were lots of wires that seemed to detract from the overall image. The client asked that some of the wires be removed. Even though it is a tedious process to remove wires, I was more than happy to do it in order to deliver images that best met my client’s needs. I also have to agree that the photos look better with less wires.

With Power Lines Power Lines Removed

Lastly, I wanted to make sure I photographed some vignette imagery for my client. For nearly all architectural photography projects, I try and ensure that I provide a few close-up options of the details of the project as it is not only the large overview that tells the story of a design, but often it is the shots that bring the viewer in closer.

This was a really fun shoot where I was able to capture a variety of angles and perspectives on the mixed-use project in different light. I worked closely with the architect on the shot-list to ensure that I was capturing the angles and perspectives that they envisioned when they designed the project. This is one of my favorite parts of being an architectural photographer is working with the architects to understand their vision. Being able to see how much this project will add to the downtown area of Greenville is fantastic! To see more of my architectural photography, you can click here – Atlanta Architectural Photography. For more information or to discuss booking architectural photography for your project, click here – Contact Adam Goldberg.

Client: Nelson Worldwide

Adam Goldberg is an Atlanta Architectural Photographer capturing portfolio images of the built environment.