Best Travel Camera and Best Camera Bag – 2020

When traveling, having the right equipment with you can make all the difference between getting the shot or not. I have used a lot of different cameras on my travels and bags along the way. As we head into 2020, here is what I view as the best travel camera and best camera bag to take amazing landscape and city photos during your travels.

Best Travel Camera – The Canon EOS R is the best travel camera that I have used. It is extremely lightweight, durable, reliable, has enough full-frame megapixels, and dynamic range to meet the needs of most photographers. It might be the best compact camera when paired with the Canon 24-240mm lens because this lens gives the camera great focal length range. Such a wide focal length allows you to capture anything from beautiful landscapes, architectural wonders in the city, as well as zoom in to capture beautiful portraits or wildlife photos. There are other cameras out there with more megapixels, better dynamic range, or maybe are a little lighter weight – but I haven’t found one that can match the price (and thus value) of the EOS R and Canon 24-240mm lens in terms of image quality, weight, and focal length range. This is what to me makes it the best travel camera to start 2020.

I recently brought this combination on two trips – one a Tanzania safari and the other a trip to the Caribbean. The ability to use this one camera for my photography from wildlife, portraits, to landscape made my travel so much more enjoyable as my camera bag was significantly lighter. No more carrying multiple bodies and lenses! Here are some photos I took with this best travel camera and lens combination.

Best Camera Bag – Not only is having the best travel camera important, but also a great camera bag to keep it secure while at the same time giving you ease of access. Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack’s are designed with photographers in mind. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L is the perfect size to carry the Canon EOS R and 24-240mm along with all of your other electronics and personal items – all while (importantly) easily fitting under the seat in front of you on an airplane.

Honorable Mentions – I always like to share other options for folks because I know that everyone has different needs and a different camera or bag may work better for you. With all my recommendations, you have to find what works for you!

Best Compact Travel Camera – These are some non-DSLR options for those looking for maybe the best vlogging camera or something even more travel and budget friendly.

Best Travel Camera Bag – These are two other camera bags that I think are worth a mention.


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