Project Spotlight: Atlanta Architectural Photography – Hangar at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to head to the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to photograph a newly renovated maintenance hangar for fixing aircraft. This was a different type of building than I usually photograph as an Atlanta architectural photographer, but I was still able to use many of the same techniques I usually use to capture both the interior and exterior of the hangar.

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The first shot of the day was a twilight shot of the exterior of the hangar. The focus was on the new roof, the overhang, and lighting. Thankfully it was a beautiful morning with a gorgeous sky. I snapped a number of shots as the sky turned pink and was able to find one that I felt gave off that early morning at the airport vibe. I stayed outside as the sun rose and captured a few other perspectives as the light grew warmer into late morning. This is my favorite time of day to take pictures as the light is warm and inviting. I knew I wanted to get this one point perspective as my last exterior shot when the sun was higher and the light more balanced on the hangar.


Moving inside was all about capturing the vast size of the interior space. As we all know how big airplanes are, having two planes in the hangar getting work done made capturing the large interior that much easier. The beautifully lit and clean space made photographing the space enjoyable, but I had to make sure I stayed out of the way of all the work being done as these planes were needed back in service. At the end, I did have to ask them to open the doors to get a shot from the exterior looking in!

This was one of the most fun and unique projects I have photographed. Anytime I get to get on the tarmac of an airport to take photos, it’s a memorable experience. This is one of the things I love most about my job – getting to go to different places and experience new things while taking portfolio worthy images for my clients. To see more of my architectural photography, you can click here – Architectural Photography Atlanta. For more information or to discuss booking architectural photography for your project, click here – Contact Adam Goldberg.

Client: Swinerton

Adam Goldberg is an Atlanta Architectural and Interior Design Photographer capturing portfolio images of the built environment.