Project Spotlight: Atlanta Architecture Photography – Photographing Theory at Interlock

Atlanta’s Interlock, located on the West Side of town, has seen tremendous growth over the past few years with shops, hotels, restaurants, and more. A recent addition is the Theory at Interlock which serves as off-campus housing for Georgia Tech. The space will also have shops and restaurants. As an Atlanta Architecture Photographer, I have worked with Choate Construction for more than 5 years so I was excited when they asked me to photograph this building designed by Dynamik Design over the course of two days this past summer.

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Exteriors of buildings most often come to life when photographed early in the morning or late afternoon when the soft light enhances all the different textures and features of the façade. This is why scouting is so important, especially for larger projects. I knew that the early morning light would be just right as I captured the front of the building from both the ground and the drone. In the afternoon, I moved to the back of the building to capture the unique sides that were designed to give the parking deck a surprisingly vibrant look.

The interior of the Theory at Interlock was dominated a large the lobby area with a beautiful mural. The size of the space warranted a few images from different angles and perspectives. Our shot-list also included a number of the community spaces that make us want to go back to college. I can only image how great it would have been to have some of these outdoor spaces with firepits and grill during weeknight gatherings – I mean study sessions – while in college.

Of course, I can’t speak about photographing the Theory at Interlock without highlighting with the rooftop pooldeck with a view of the Atlanta skyline and oversided attached gym with modern fitness equipment.

The Theory at Interlock is a key building of the Interlock area of West Midtown in Atlanta. Bringing Georgia Tech students to the area with such a well built and designed building will only enhance the draw of people to West Midtown. This is why I wanted to collaborate with the team on-site to craft a set of images that told the story of the entire space. To see more of my architecture photography, you can click here – Atlanta Architecture Photography. To see more of my interior design photography, you can click here – Atlanta Interior Design Photography. For more information or to discuss booking architectural photography for your project, click here – Contact Adam Goldberg.

Client: Choate Construction and Dynamik Design

Adam Goldberg is an Atlanta Architectural and Interior Design Photographer capturing portfolio images of the built environment.